Embodying Wholeness

After Loss

Providing trauma-informed postpartum body restoration, yoga, and healing for mothers and their partners

who have experienced stillbirth or infant loss.

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Trauma-Informed Yoga for Loss Parents Series?

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About Your Guides

We are Nicole & Kendra - moms, motherhood fitness coaches, sisters (for real!) and...

we're passionate about helping mothers regain a solid foundation in their core and pelvic floor after pregnancy, heal their hearts, and build resilience after loss.

We have been teaching postpartum repair and restore methods, as well as trauma-informed yoga for over a decade.

Beginning in 2019, we noticed a need for trauma-sensitive postpartum repair, yoga and strength training offerings that were MADE for moms after loss:

  • Completely free of triggers or inappropriate content for a mother and her partner after loss
  • That provides the mother REAL and complete movement guidance and support - she deserves to recover as much as every other mother, and more
  • Creating an inclusive space for mothers and their partners to be seen, supported and in community with other families moving through the challenges of life after loss.

Not finding anything out there, people found their way to us by word of mouth. We have been taking on clients privately, creating resources and trainings just for them. The more we've worked with them, the clearer it's become how deeply this kind of support is needed.

We created Wholeness After Loss to provide trauma-informed postpartum body restoration, yoga, and healing for mothers and their partners.

"After every class I left feeling at peace, lighter, brighter...I started to fall in love with my body again, after feeling so betrayed by it. I was able to let go of any anger or negative emotions and really find peace....[Because of this class] I became less anxious and angry, I was able to let go of those feelings quicker. I am able to sit with and honor what comes up, and feel comfortable dropping back in and connecting with my body again...

You are a beacon of light and I can't thank you enough for putting a series like this together for those of us who have been through the unimaginable. I am forever grateful in the way this has helped me heal."

Stefani A., NJ

How We Work

Every mother, and potentially her partner as well, can benefit from the healing practices of Trauma-Informed Yoga and Trauma-Informed Postpartum Corrective Exercise.

Whether you prefer to learn with individualized guidance, with the connection of community, or both, we are here to support you. If you're not sure which is best for you, let's chat and we can help you determine what's best for your and your partner's goals

1:1 Personalized Guidance

Great for those who need a personalized approach, with a blend of both Trauma-Informed Corrective Exercise to address core and pelvic floor strength, and Trauma-Informed Yoga to address stress, anxiety and other emotions.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to feel connected to your body again.
  • You want guidance on the right place to start.
  • You're ready to remove the guess-work from what you should be doing each day to support your physical strengthening.
  • You value having access to Nicole & Kendra for feedback, input, troubleshooting and understanding as you do the work of restoring your body.
Let's Connect

Group Movement Series

A 6-week group series that helps birth mothers experience the positive effects of a body-focused practice that blends Trauma-Informed Yoga, breath work, and somatic movement in support of your courageous journey.

This program is for you if:

  • You're seeking a safe, positive group environment that honors where you are in your journey.
  • You're craving a movement practice that calms and regulates the nervous system.
  •  You want to build your mindfulness and self-care “toolbox” to support your well-being in everyday life.
  • Experience the many ways to be strong during a very difficult time.

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Our Guiding Beliefs

You are still a mother, despite your loss.

Full postpartum core and pelvic floor restoration is healing and empowering.

You deserve a safe space and skilled movement guidance that will equip you with tools for everyday life.

How can we support you?

It's not always easy to know on your own what support will help you most. That's why we offer a free Embodying Wholeness Strategy Session to help you get clear on your goals and the steps and support that will get you there.