Here’s How Moms Run Dry & Pain Free!

(even if you’re running 5k, 10k, 42k or more)

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Okay Kendra and Nicole,

  • I'm a mom who loves to run!
  • Watched your video.
  • That's what I need!
  • Please help: get rid of my pain.
  • And stop leaking.
  • I want to run stronger & faster.
  • And be a fully present mom.
  • I know there’s an investment.
  • That’s ok -
  • I’m ready to end the cycle of pain & leaking.
  • And set new PR’s without needing pads and braces.
  • I'm ready to learn more.

Assuming all of that’s true?

Here's what our clients are saying...

[After I had my baby], I was afraid of running again. I was concerned it would be uncomfortable or cause injuries. Thanks to all the training Kendra had me do, running for the first time was a positive experience. And I am still injury-free, a few weeks into it now! I loved how specific [the training] was to my needs, body, and goals.

Kendra works with your individual needs, issues and goals. She ensures you have proper form, and are pushing yourself without hurting yourself. She helps you build back confidence in your body, and your ability to be strong in it again in the postpartum period. Above all, she is kind, and an absolutely pro at what she does!

Thanks to Kendra’s expert guidance, I was able to begin safely running again. I also now feel complete ab muscle engagement! It feels great. It’s like I have a piece of myself back again. What a gift!


“I AM VERY EXCITED because [my Pelvic Floor PT] checked and my [pelvic floor] endurance from last time with a 50% hold was about 18 sec before muscles started to shake...Today it was a solid 60 sec with no shaking!!! Woohoo! She said we should keep up the good work...Thank you for partnering with me on this journey! I have SO much more confidence to push through knowing I have your expertise and support behind me! 😘”

— LR, Bethesda, MD

This is a wonderful holistic program that teaches all the right connections. It is coming from two wonderful women who get it and have no agenda other than sharing their valuable knowledge and supporting other women to feel their best, strongest and most confident. I've felt understood, supported and expertly guided rather than lectured at or judged. A truly empowering experience.

— Jenny