You’re a mom, ready to get moving, and need to heal your body

but you need more than just workout videos...

It's Postpartum

Repair & Restore LIVE!

a science-backed and fun-stacked, LIVE SUPPORT Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Recovery program

Online Workouts + LIVE Group Coaching

with Women's Fitness Experts Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons

to help you:

✨ Reclaim Your Core & Pelvic Floor Strength

Eliminate Back Pain, Achy Hips, and Weak Core For Good

✨ Get back to the sports and activities you love with zero setbacks

(whether that's yoga, pilates, running, horseback riding, soccer, or surfing!)

I'm Ready For This!

*Month-to-month, 6-month and 12-month options available

The Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE Experience gets you started on your recovery right away and gives you support as long as you need it - either month-to-month, 6 months or a FULL YEAR.

You get a comprehensive 8-week foundation-building program to follow that includes easy but effective reconditioning moves to do each day (in workouts that are less than 15 minutes)- all which integrate into your busy mom life,

PLUS WEEKLY Live Group Sessions with Nicole and Kendra to connect IRL, and personalized form checks that you can submit throughout your program to make sure you're doing things right for your body.


Add-on private sessions at a discount from our normal private training rate to get personalized guidance anytime you need it, throughout your access.

This is the solution for you if you want the most DIRECT PATH to getting back to feeling connected to your body and confident once and for all AND you know you need support and guidance along the way.

What moms say about the program:

We're Nicole & Kendra!

Co-Founders of Devoted Mamas, and sisters.

Since 2012, we’ve been helping moms address postpartum pain, leaking and squishiness for good, and we’ve found the perfect combination of what works. 

Because the key to all of this isn’t just doing any ol’ workout program.

  • You need a blend of the RIGHT Correction-Focused exercises
  • That are personalized, based on an assessment of your body's unique needs
  • AS WELL AS short doable workouts and that never require you to choose between hanging with your baby and getting your body strong.
  • AND guided attention from experts along the way to keep you on track.

But the thing is...the intensity and amount of weight that each person needs in their recovery depends on so many factors - your birth, your recovery, and how your body reacts to exercises.

The solution for a time-strapped but determined mom who needs a supportive approach (beyond just workout videos) that will work for them...

This is the program for you to get back to exercise with full confidence in your body.

Postpartum Repair & Restore: LIVE is how we can personally support you through your recovery, with an online group program that will guide you step-by-step through our method for restoring your core and pelvic floor, all while ensuring that the work you're doing is the RIGHT work for your body.

Maybe you're thinking...

"Once my baby starts sleeping through the night I'll have more time."

"When I'm back to work and on a better schedule I'll be better about exercising."


🔵 The reality?  Mom Life = Zero Time

Regaining stability & strength at the core and pelvic floor - quickly, safely and completely…

(while also caring for a wiggly baby or busy toddler, getting a fraction of the sleep you actually need, and navigating increasing demands as you head back to work or full-time motherhood)...

can make getting back to fitness in postpartum feel overwhelming, time-consuming, and downright impossible.

Many moms still see pelvic floor and core restoration in postpartum as something that:

  • Should wait until you’re done having babies and the kids are older.
  • Is a lost cause if you “miss” the postpartum window.
  • A nice to have - they should just be grateful for the body they have.

Which sometimes?

Turns into DECADES… never really giving themselves permission to focus on their inner strength again. 

Meaning, they spent their MOST ACTIVE YEARS AS A MOM feeling weak and disconnected from their deepest layers of strength.

🔵 We can’t talk about Postpartum Fitness without addressing the QUESTION THAT CHALLENGES MOMS MOST:

“Is whatever I’m doing even going to work for me?”

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of YouTube channels, Instagram accounts and celebrities stepping out to focus on postpartum exercise.

With all this flurry of information, you’ve probably noticed some negative side effects like:

  • You feel like your body is broken when the exercise routine that healed *her* body doesn’t have the same effect on your body.
  • Your motivation starts dropping faster than the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball when your postpartum pooch just won’t seem to budge.
  • The cursed “leaking down there” and back pain are getting worse rather than better, despite trying everything.

All this can make you feel defeated, like....why even bother?

But the truth is, if these challenges of mom life feel truly debilitating and overwhelming to deal with, there’s also a silver lining of opportunity right under your nose because...


That’s right. Whether you...

  • grew a 6 lb OR 10 lb baby (Nicole and her 9lb 11oz baby boy feel ya),
  • had a c-section OR vaginal delivery,
  • stayed uber fit during pregnancy OR were on bed rest the entire time.
  • or are 3 weeks or 3 years postpartum...

It doesn’t matter.


Because every mother's muscles stretched during pregnancy to make space for baby, and ALSO every mother's skeletal system changed. YES - YOUR BONES moved.

Your ribcage flared and spread wide so baby could grow up and out.

You got comfortable with shallow breathing patterns (because when you do anything for 9 months for the sake of baby, it starts to feel comfortable even if it’s not helping you).

Your pelvis widened and rotated forward to make more space for baby.

Everyone arrives in postpartum with a few basic - but HUGE - shifts to the underlying scaffolding and deep musculature of their body.

And these shifts need to be addressed in postpartum as part of your core and pelvic floor restoration.

The real reason you’re not seeing the progress and feeling the strength you want to feel is because you’re activating muscles in positions left over from pregnancy.


The secret to your postpartum core & pelvic floor recovery is hidden in fixing your ALIGNMENT and HOW you’re moving.

We give you a NO-GUESSWORK PLAN of ALIGNMENT-FOCUSED MOVES that are correct for your stage of postpartum AND your unique body’s needs, to increase your core and pelvic floor strength,

and real-time expert guidance to help you start FEEEELING your muscles and that deep inner strength you thought you left at the maternity ward.

This 👆 is the formula, my friend...

And now, instead of you having to do all this guessing and

trial-and-error on your own...

We’re sharing access to the exact process we use with our 1:1 clients AND

the exact workouts that will help you feel your muscles strengthening 

+ the education and supervision you need to know you’re doing it right.

This is the program for you to get back to exercise with full confidence in your body, with our support!

Postpartum Repair & Restore: LIVE is an online group program that will guide you step-by-step through our method for restoring your core and pelvic floor, all while ensuring that the work you're doing is the RIGHT work for your body.

PLUS: Whether you complete the repair program in 8 weeks or 8 months, you'll have access to live calls and coaching calls as long as you choose.

⬇️ I'm Ready to Unlock My Deepest Strength! ⬇️

Choose your subscription:

Month-to-Month, 6 Months or 12 Months of Access

**you will be able to add on private sessions in the checkout

Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE is



The complete repair program is designed so you can be done 8 weeks.

Each week you’ll receive a dose of essential education, how-to-feel-it tips, and bite-sized daily practice videos.

PLUS, every week, LIVE group training where we can troubleshoot exercises and any challenges you're facing in real time, and you get our eyes on your form.

Need more than 8 weeks? You can take 8 weeks, 8 months or a year to work through the foundational program.

Regardless of your pace, you'll have live support from Kendra & Nicole for an entire YEAR.


  • Start the process of getting back to exercise in a way that fits into your day - whether that’s with or without your baby in tow.
  • Remember what core engagement feels like - and that you still have obliques!
  • Banish SI joint pain, back pain, and hip pain once and for all - even if it’s plagued you before pregnancy.
  • Accelerate the closing of your abdominal gap (diastasis) and the firming of your core squishiness.
  • Feel confident about lifting heavier things around the house (and your growing baby!)  without having to ask for help if you don’t want to.

And get our expert eyes on your form ALL along the way.


We're Moms Just Like You!

Kendra & Nicole, Co-Founders of Devoted Mamas, and sisters.


We’ve been teaching students in movement and mindfulness for over 15 years, and our vision of supporting prenatal & postpartum moms came into laser focus when we had kids of our own.


Nicole's kids are 15 and 11, and Kendra's are 10 and 6. With each pregnancy, we understood more and more just how important the CORRECT movement is for pregnancy and postpartum.


We also realized the significant role a mother's MINDSET and SUPPORT play in her experience through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


The long and winding roads we took to find reliable guidance we could trust (and going down many dead ends in the process) led us to develop clear methods to support mothers from pregnancy through postpartum. 

Since Devoted Mamas' founding in 2017, our mission is to help you through all the stages of motherhood - stay super strong (and calm!) during pregnancy, be the BOSS of your birth, and help you bring life back to your core + pelvic floor in postpartum.

By Becoming a Postpartum

Repair & Restore Student , You'll:


Healing your core and pelvic floor and resolving pain and leaking has little do to with how hard you try. It has EVERYTHING to do with WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and the SUPPORT you have.


With our method of progressive, targeted movements, moms are often surprised by how such "gentle" work can make such significant changes in their body.


Recognize the 1,200 movements you're doing DAILY as a Mom that are opportunities to advance your own healing. Even picking up and holding your child in ways that help your recovery.

Heal your Core + Pelvic Floor once and for all.


Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE is a four-part program for the busy mom who’s ready to grow her strength - without wasting time on ineffective kegels and thousands of crunches.





*Plus, get access to discounted private sessions as a student in Postpartum Repair!

Postpartum Repair & Restore LIVE is a snappy, four-part program that is part WORKOUT, part LEARNING, part INTEGRATION into your life.

PLUS - You'll be getting LIVE, personalized input and feedback from us along the way.

**you will be able to add on private sessions in the checkout!

⬇️ I'm Ready to Unlock My Deepest Strength! ⬇️

Choose your subscription:

Month-to-Month, 6 Months or 12 Months of Access

**you will be able to add on private sessions in the checkout

These Bonuses Are Yours

when you enroll.

Start Your Recovery Now

+ keep advancing your strength and fitness levels with our guidance for as long as you need support.

Get Postpartum Repair & Restore: LIVE for as little as $3.30 /day.

⬇️ I'm Ready to Feel My Core and Pelvic Floor Again! ⬇️

Choose your subscription:

Month-to-Month, 6 Months or 12 Months of Access

**you will be able to add on private sessions in the checkout


Here's What Postpartum Repair & Restore

IS and IS NOT:

More Questions? We've Got Answers!

Q: How long does it take to complete the program?

A: The program was designed to be completed in 8 weeks. You have access and support for the amount of time you choose, so you can go at your own pace. Inside the course you'll find trackers that will guide you through an 8-week version of the course, a 16-week version of the course, or you can choose to completely go at your own pace and follow the course as it's set up.

Q: I completed the course in 8 weeks and I have a full year of access, now what?!

A: Great! Well done! This course is designed with progressions at every stage, meaning that you can repeat the program again and again, and gain more knowledge and strength each time you go through the course. We've had moms go through the program two, three, even four times and make leaps in their progress each time.

Since you have access to the program for a full year, you can join and any all live calls that occur in the program. Which means you can get our focus and our eyes on your form multiple times a month for a fraction of the cost of private training. (This is huge!)

Q: What if I can’t make the live coaching calls, will there be replay?

A: Yep! Rest assured that the live coaching calls will be recorded, and if you can’t make it live, you will have an opportunity to send us your questions so we can answer them on the call.

Live coaching calls happen during the week, during the day.

Also remember that you will have the opportunity to send in EIGHT form check videos directly to Kendra, where she will look at your form and give you specific feedback. This is a valuable way to get her eyes on your form, even if you can't make the live calls.

Q: How long will I have access to the program?

A: You will have access to the Postpartum Repair & Restore course as long as you have purchased access. If you joined month-to-month and would like to switch to 6-months or a year, send us an email and we'll get you set up! We have found that once mothers step through the program, many get a lot of benefit from repeating the entire program or going back to certain weeks to deepen their understanding or mastery of the practices, so a longer membership time can be beneficial. :)

Q: I find it really hard to motivate myself. How will this program help me stick to it?

A: We hear you! It can be hard to motivate when you feel the motivation has to come out of thin air. Our method is guaranteed to give you what is missing from most other postpartum programs that we've researched. 

We teach you the anatomy and mechanics of how this works so you have a visual connection to what you're doing and WHY.

Armed with this information, we've found the inspiration and motivation appear quite naturally. 

If you're still struggling for motivation, the accountability provided in the live group coaching will light a fire. Know that there are lots of other mamas in our community who feel the same as you do. It’s one of the biggest hurdles we see mamas overcoming in this work, and they are overcoming it!

Q: Is it ok to do this program if I had a c-section?

A: Absolutely. It's equally as important for c-section moms to address core and pelvic floor function. We also have a special module for c-section considerations, and you're going to love how this course helps you turn on your core and pelvic floor and address the numbness around your scar.

Q: Is this program still appropriate for someone with more severe diastasis?

A: Yes. It’s totally safe for severe diastasis and can pair well with your Physical Therapy protocol (and as always, follow your medical professional's advice). Our entire method is rooted in corrective exercise and physical therapy concepts, which can set you on a really solid path. The exercises are progressive AND we teach you how to tell if you're doing the work correctly so you become the driver of your own recovery.

Q: I've tried other online programs that made my issues (bulging tummy, weak abs, achy back, headaches, etc.) worse. How is Postpartum Repair & Restore different?

A: A bulging tummy, weak-feeling abs, lower back pain and mild incontinence can absolutely be related to pelvic floor and deep core weakness, and the great news is - it can be resolved.

It’s also totally possible for your abs to bulge more and to start having pelvic floor issues after doing other program workouts if the instructor didn’t make it clear what you should be feeling or how to manage the pressure in your core. It’s possible to do it incorrectly, but a few small tweaks in your form can make all the difference.

Fortunately, all of this is exactly what we cover in the course! We help you understand exactly how to deeply engage your core properly, what you should feel and where, and in the live coaching we will help you refine your form so you really feel it in the right spots without bulging and without incontinence issues. AND, there is an entire week dedicated to posture & upper back strengthening because as new moms we need as much upper body strength as possible to carry around these kids who keep getting bigger and heavier!

Q: How soon can I start the program after giving birth?

A: First, you should absolutely follow your OB/GYN and Midwife's directives. That being said, you CAN join the program before your 6-week clearance. We’ve had moms join the program 3 weeks postpartum and they found it very useful to focus on the learning during that time. 

We also offer modifications throughout the program to fit the early stages of recovery, and we can provide you even more personalized feedback and support in the private community platform while you're going through the program. PLUS, you'll have a full year of access to this course so you can digest the information at your own speed of recovery and revisit the information as you need.    

Q: What equipment do I need?

A: All you need is an exercise mat, a resistance band or long scarf, and a medium-sized ball (a child's ball will work fine). Light dumbells are optional for a few exercises. Most exercises only require your body weight or you could also use household items.

Q: How many hours can I expect to work on this each week?

A: With the video lessons, weekly practice, and daily habit implementation, you can expect about 2-3 hours each week. But most of the work can be done in small 10-minute increments of time, and watching a video is not needed for all practices. There are 168 hours in a week, 56 of which are spent sleeping (ideally!). That leaves you with 112 hours to allocate as you wish. Your goals are worth 5 hours a week!

Q: Is this program appropriate for someone without severe issues pelvic floor or abdominal issues who wants to prepare for more athletic pursuits?

A: Yes! Kendra being a runner herself, we totally get wanting to set the stage with a solid and functional core as an athlete. It’s so important! Without a doubt, this program would be GREAT for you. We start with the foundational work of pelvic floor and deep core connection and then add on more intensity as the weeks go on. What’s also really cool is that we can get into your specific needs for upping your program intensity in the weekly Q&As, and you can even post videos of your running gait and exercise postures so we can help you advance your workouts even more.

But to be honest, for athletes the main point of resistance in postpartum recovery is mental, whether we realize it or not. We jump back into what we were doing before without much thought because we just want to get back into it. But often times that can lead to disastrous results...and injury & setback. We address this head-on in the course and help you overcome that mental hurdle so you can get to your goals without setbacks and injuries.

Q: Can I still do this program if I am 6+ months postpartum?

A: Absolutely. It's never too late to restore your body and repair your core and pelvic floor. In fact, women at any stage of life have benefitted from the program.

Q: What if I still have questions?

If you have a specific question we haven’t addressed, then please don’t let that stop you from making a decision! Reach out to us at and let us get you answers immediately.


Now, More Than Ever, Moms Need Support and Strength for the Journey of Motherhood.

But the key to creating physical and mental strength?

You gotta start - today.

The good news?

It's not too late to turn playtime with your kids into an opportunity for strengthening, or learn how to close your diastasis so you can get rid of that nagging back pain.

The better news?

You don't have to spend HOURS working out to see results.

All you need is 10-15 minutes a day to make BIG progress on your recovery.

And the best part? You'll have our live feedback all along the way. For an entire YEAR.

Jump in now to


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⬇️ I'm Ready to Unlock My Deepest Strength! ⬇️

Choose your subscription:

Month-to-Month, 6 Months or 12 Months of Access

**you will be able to add on private sessions in the checkout