Are you a postpartum mom who is itching to workout

after getting your clearance to exercise

but not sure where to start?

A Proven DIY Postpartum Core & Pelvic Floor Recovery Method To Help You Get Your Strength Back, With Clarity - In 4 Weeks


Would dramatically shortening the path to restoring your core & pelvic floor change your life as a mom?

What Would Happen...

If you were able to get your core strength back in a way that also gave you relief from upper back pain, restored connection to your pelvic floor, and got you feeling capable in your body, in less than one month, would that change things for you?

It might mean...


  • Happily pick up your kid (or kids!) without feeling like your body is going to break.

  • Stop feeling postpartum and instead be ready to officially (and finally) go back to activities and sports you love.

  • Celebrating that you do in fact have a pelvic floor that can be restored (and the leaking can go away too!).

  • As your baby gets bigger, your strength is keeping up to handle what they throw at you...literally and figuratively.

  • Or, you stop constantly trying new postpartum workouts and instead having a (simple) method to ignite your core and pelvic floor in any situation.

You've probably heard that core and pelvic floor strengthening is important in postpartum, but...

Are you confused about where to start?

  • Do you feel like you waste time trying new exercises or workouts because you just can’t make the connection to why you’re doing them?

  • Do you wish there was a fast way to learn what you need to know about getting back to exercise so you can get back ASAP - and safely - to the workouts you loved pre-pregnancy?

  • Do you want to feel your core muscles again (or for the first time) without having to spend hours at the gym (hours that you don’t have) as a mom?

  • Do you want to avoid hesitating through general classes, wondering how to modify, OR not doing half of the exercises because you’re afraid?

  • Does it feel like your workout routine is a constant cycle of “I’m all in!” and “Forget it!”?

If you are saying "YES" to these questions, keep reading to learn how a few minutes a day can unlock connections in your body, whether you're 6 weeks, 6 months, or 6 years postpartum and even if you haven't started exercising confidently yet.


"I promise to make this low-stress."


I’ve piqued your interest talking about a method that revives your core in less time, so let’s get right into it.

When it comes to igniting those postpartum muscles affected by pregnancy with targeted exercises, I see 3 major problems.


Kegels are out.

Research shows that kegels get limited results. We are well into the era of functional, full-body strength, so that means most postpartum workout programs target the whole body.

The problem with that? Focusing on whole-body training right away means moms are missing some essential pelvic floor training that's way better and less annoying than just squeezing everything "down there."


The fear of making things worse is real.

The fears moms have of doing too much too soon, causing more pain, needing more help to find their core, or finding out they're weaker than they thought are real concerns that so many postpartum moms face. And it keeps them from getting started, or worse it keeps them from sticking with anything they start.

When moms can't feel their muscles working fully in an exercise, but they aren't offered options for each exercise or variations to try for their individual bodies, they default to thinking it's their fault and that their bodies are broken, which is just not true.


A mom's day is full.

Postpartum moms tell us all the time they are trying to fit strengthening exercises into an already jam-packed and sleep-deprived life, but the vast majority of postpartum exercise programs out there require logging into a platform and following along to make any progress at all.

There's very little offered to set moms free of the 'vaults of videos,' when the reality is up to 90% of a mom's healing can happen OFF the exercise mat once she's taught how to apply what she learns ONE TIME on the mat into the 1000s of movements in a mom's life.



(Mom of 2 here 🙋‍♀️ who took 2 YEARS to recover from Baby #1... and only needed 2 MONTHS from Baby #2 using the exact method I teach in Core Revive, so speaking 100% from experience.)

If you're nodding your head YES while reading all of this?

You're about to learn the time-saving method thousands of postpartum moms have used to stop delaying their healing and jump-start their postpartum strength instead.


I’ve been refining my core & pelvic floor re-conditioning methodology since 2017 (!), and yet you’ve probably never seen this particular program promoted online - because I used to only teach this program in-person in my hometown in NJ.

But since the pandemic, moms have been following along virtually and even getting results completely on their own time with just the videos and lifestyle integration tips.

And I realized something major.

Re-strengthening your core & pelvic floor isn't only possible for those who can take an in-person class…

Core Revive gets incredible results when a mom can do it on her own schedule as frequently and fast as she wants, at whatever time of day actually works for her.

Plus, Moms are loading their core all day long as they care for their babies and live their active lives...

So, when moms get just a few minutes of connection each day, the Core Revive method gets their core and pelvic floor SET UP for the demands of motherhood, and healing FASTER with no delay.

What moms have said about Core Revive:

These "DIY" postpartum moms stopped wasting their time with random videos or apps, and just focused on my step-by-step process that we now know works when you do it on your schedule

And with this switch, the amount of time they spent "working out their core" dropped, but their CONNECTION and CONFIDENCE soared.


  • Getting the connection and feeling back in your core and pelvic floor that turns into feeling capable and ready for the day.

  • Showing up to ANY bootcamp, session, app workout, or live group class and having the skills and body awareness to move (and modify as needed) confidently for YOUR body.

  • Jogging - carefree - in your kiddo's school 5K fundraiser or laughing to tears at your family's holiday gathering (without worries of embarrassing leaks).


  • But if you’re thinking:

“Well, how hard and consistently do I have to work out? Do I have to become an exercise expert now?”

Meet your time-saving, core-restoring DIY shortcut…



You're going to love this approach that will set you free from feeling like you need "postpartum" workouts forever.


Every day you’ll get a new 11-mins-or-less video that's part-workshop, part-movement to follow along with, so you'll be learning as you move.

Using the power of the 3B's (brain-body-breath) connection - that works even if you only got 3 hours of sleep last night - you'll find out helpful things about your body and activate your lower core muscles with surprising accuracy.


In digestible bits, I break down the process of why we do certain exercises, how to tell if you're doing it right, and what to do if you're not feeling it. This insight is pure gold because never again will you be stuck trying the same exercise for weeks with no result.

Then once you've watched each video, the knowledge you gain about your body will start to permeate your day. You’ll be recovering while you’re mom-ing. and you'll see how to use movements you’re already doing as a mom to speed up your recovery and trust your body more.


Once you feel your core activating, you'll want to know how to progress your core strength on your own...doing things like planks, mountain climbers, and jogging.

We’ve taken out all of the guesswork for you. Each step of the way, progressions are given so you can work at your ability now and also challenge yourself with the progressions as you get stronger. You'll have the skills to start breaking free of the video and skillfully apply what you've learned to other activities.


Getting back to the workouts you were loving before pregnancy - or even discovering new activities - is part of the plan! No one wants to feel stuck in "postpartum land" forever.

In just 4 weeks' time, you’ll become an advocate for your own well-being and begin using your new Core Revive tool-box to modify ANY hardcore bootcamp, gym class, or yoga class you like. It's exhilarating when you see and feel yourself progressing safely and confidently in any setting.

Over 4 weeks, you’ll learn how to connect to your strength again and have powerful knowledge that will support your full core (and pelvic floor) revival.

Here's What Other Moms Are Saying

Once inside, you'll activate new levels of strength each week:


Build the Foundation

This module will have you feeling your core within a week!

Inside You Will Learn and Feel How To:

  • Find your core & pelvic floor (because sometimes we need to find it again!)
  • Get your hips in the right place to relieve tightness and awaken your muscles
  • Test Yourself for Diastasis Recti (ab separation)
  • Connect to and Ignite Your core
  • Start the core burn!!🔥


Reset Your Posture

Get ready to ditch the hunched, tight posture from taking care of your baby. This module alone is a LIFESAVER.

Inside You Will Learn and Feel How To:

  • Adjust your posture in a way that naturally improves core strength
  • Get more mobility in your upper back (ahhh relief!)
  • Assess + reset your own posture 
  • Create upper back strength to reverse hours, weeks and months of postpartum achiness and tightness
  • Lifting and lifestyle techniques to help you improve your posture while you ‘mom’!


Ignite Your Glutes & Deepen Your Core Strength

STOP leaving core strength on the table. Build a core safety net ('s your glutes!) 🍑

Inside You Will Learn and Feel How To:

  • Open your hips to allow for deeper strength
  • Get even deeper core engagement than you thought possible
  • Why turning on your glutes is the key to deeper core connection (and getting the shape of your bootie back!)
  • Unique exercises for the glutes that will have you feeling that hurts-so-good burn in no time


Intensive Core: Twists & More!

This is where core strength gains get turned ALL. The. Way. ON!

Inside You Will Learn and Feel How To:

  • Twist your body well (because we do it all day in mom life!)
  • The precise way to prep your core for deep twisting
  • Where twists show up in mom life and how to use these opportunities for healing!
  • Explore half plank and plank and how to know you’re ready for it (Yes! When you’re ready, it’s a great exercise in postpartum!

Just a few things moms say at the end of 4 weeks...

"My diastasis recti has closed up more! And I can really start to feel my core!" - MR, NJ

"...less stress incontinence when sneezing!" - Gloria M.

"My back hurts less!" - KPD, NJ

" flexibility is coming back!" - Jackie, NJ

"I feel better overall!" - KM, NJ


Revive Your Core In Just 4 Weeks

  • Get re-acquainted with your pelvic floor and core after birth - whether you had a vaginal or c-section birth
  • Feel the foundational strength in your pelvic floor and core you thought was gone forever.
  • Know for sure that you're doing core work and other exercises that demand core strength correctly.
  • Integrate your core and pelvic floor strengthening into 'doing' mom-life without extra workouts.

Value $997

Your Price $97



How to Tackle The “No-Time” Problem and Make Progress FAST

The dread of “making time” for MORE in the midst of your busy mom life, and trying to figure out what to do to heal your body are over.

This training of mindset reprogramming combined with tiny action steps will have you BEing motivated naturally and taking action daily with pleasure...not guilt.


Tracking Worksheets: Check Off Your Progress! 

Never again worry about buying a postpartum course that gets lost in your digital library or sea of website tabs.

Grabbing the tracking worksheets means you can see what’s next and what’s done at a glance without constantly logging in.

HINT: Progress is motivating to the busy mom brain, and tracking progress where you can see it often instantly makes a huge difference.


Do-It-Anywhere Release Chest, Neck & Shoulder Pain 

When caring for a baby or toddler, chest tightness, neck stiffness, and shoulder pain are practically inevitable.

Learn these pro-moves for quickly releasing tension and bringing fresh energy to your upper body without needing creams or contraptions, or waiting for your next massage appointment.

You’ll be amazed when you realize just a little tension release can help you feel a lot better.


Value $997

Your Price $97

3-Day Money Back Guarantee
You got that right… your enrollment into Core Revive is backed up with a 3-day guarantee. You don’t even have to believe me in how simple getting started feeling your lower core and pelvic floor again are… you can try for yourself!

Jump inside today and if you’re not happy with the program, I will offer you a full refund.

(I rarely offer refunds for online programs, but I’m willing to take that risk because I want you to have full confidence. Take the next 3 days to explore Core Revive, and make a decision about it with information you have rather than the information you don’t have.)

What Moms Have To Say:



I'm Kendra Fitzgerald,

Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Mom & Athlete

I’ve spent 10 years guiding birthing and postpartum people through Diastasis Recti recovery and pelvic floor weakness.

I learned even more about what is truly needed in postpartum recovery when I had my own babies - now ages 9 and 6.

My experiences have helped me develop a succinct yet effective postpartum movement training methodology that is rooted in postpartum corrective exercise and supplemented with practical applications for REAL mom life.

And now, I can teach you too!

This mini course is a result of thousands of hours spent understanding postpartum recovery...

But, thankfully, it will only take you less than 10 minutes a day over 4 weeks to implement.

And the best thing is, we are taking all of the guesswork out for you.


Just show up and we'll walk you through the process! It doesn't get any easier than that.


You might be like Rachel who wanted to heal her Diastasis but was afraid of doing the wrong thing and making it worse.

Or, Charlene whose goal was to get back to her pre-pregnancy workouts, which she did within 3 weeks!

I promise you, postpartum recovery doesn't have to be complicated. You just need to be doing the right exercises, correctly.

It really is much easier than you think!

Just show up and I will walk you step-by-step through turning your muscles on so they keep firing in mom life.


  • When do I get access to the workouts and trainings inside??

Pretty much RIGHT AWAY! Once you checkout, you'll receive an email with the links and info to log into your own private portal where your video trainings and materials are waiting for you.

  • How long do I get to keep access?

Even though you can complete this program in less than a month, we’ll provide you with 6 MONTHS of access, which gives you either more time to get through it once - or for our ambitious ones - the chance to repeat and strengthen more and more. Access is not unlimited because we’ve found that having limited time with a powerful program like this one actually reinforces accountability to get it done. We’ll even send you email reminders to keep you on track. You’re welcome in advance! 🙂

  • How much time is required to move through this 4-week program?

You can knock out this program in as little as 10 minutes a day. The trainings and videos are short enough that you can stack them against other workouts you are doing - or stack them together and Netflix-style binge in one go at the beginning of the week. Either way, once you learn the foundations of each week, you are free to apply what you learn to your exercise and movements while ‘momming’.

  • How fast can I expect to see results for my body?

To a certain extent, it depends on your starting point and level of body awareness. That said, I walk you through all the different angles a person can try to start feeling their muscles ignite within the first week.

  • What if I had a c-section? Is this appropriate for me?

Yes, absolutely! Statistically 3 out of every 10 moms give birth by cesarean section, so you’re not alone, and this program has proven to be incredibly helpful for post- c-section recovery because of the cueing and options given to help you know you’re moving at the right pace for your body.

  • What if I can’t commit to doing a video each day?

No worries at all. There's no rule that says you must practice one video each day (though... that would be great for your body). Practice as little or as often as you'd like!

  • Are these exercises or trainings specific to any stage of postpartum?

My methodology is not specific to a certain number of weeks postpartum. Instead, it focuses on bringing your lower core and pelvic floor muscles on in the right order so you can layer on intensity with confidence later. (It’s kind of like building a house from the foundation and frame first before adding on the finishes.) It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 weeks postpartum, 6 months or 6 years - the process is the same!

  • Do you refresh the video trainings inside?

Yes and no. The workouts in this program have already been refined over the last 8 years of delivering it in-person, and they now get absolutely incredible results given the minimal time they take. Why change something that works so well? That said, as new research is released, I’m always evaluating ways to boost the programming (or bonuses) in this series, so you can rest assured, you’re getting the absolute latest and best when you work with me.

  • What kind of support do I get if I get stuck?

There’s a built-in question and discussion board inside your private portal. You can ask any questions you have, and since the discussion is only for those who have purchased this program, the discussions are always relevant to you reviving your strength.

  • What if I decide Core Revive isn’t for me?

Jump inside today and if you’re not happy with the product, I will offer you a full refund. Take the next 3 days to explore Core Revive, and make a decision about it using the information you have rather than the information you don’t have. Risk-free? 100%.